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Madigan McCune

phone-690091_1280Madigan, McCune & Associates, Inc. was established in 1971 as a manufacturer’s representative firm servicing the telecommunications industry. The company continues to work in the telecommunications industry while also serving the power utility and security industries. Madigan, McCune & Associates, Inc. has been successful over time because of a clear focus on providing service with integrity to our customers. By representing a limited number of quality manufacturers, we are sure that the proper attention can be given to each principal. Madigan, McCune & Associates, Inc. currently employs sales associates in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. The company headquarters are located in Orlando, Florida. Agency cell-tower-1149145_1920principal is Rob Madigan, a Clemson University graduate who joined the company in 1988 after a career in the financial industry. Madigan, McCune & Associates, Inc. is proud of the fact that we have been able to service the same customer base for the past 40 years. Our longevity is testimony to the quality people that we employ and the manufacturers we represent.

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